INFORMATION is a site dedicated to the early music scene within Denmark, both on a professional and an amateur level. Some links to the Nordic and European countries will also be found here. has its main focus on renaissance and early baroque music, but also medieval and high baroque music is represented here to a certain extent. The site thus covers music from appr. 1300 to 1700. functions mainly as a lo-tech, no-nonsense portal, supplying the nordic early music scene with all the available links relevant to early music.
The aim is thus to gather all the different resources related to renaissance music within Denmark and the Nordic countries and by doing so, hopefully facilitate for musicians, organizers, producers, listeners and other users in staying updated and make it easier for them to connect and find what they are looking for. The overall goal in the long run is of course to allow this somewhat narrow musical field to grow and develop, both in quantity and quality! is also a platform for early music productions and initiatives such as concerts, festivals etc. The first major production was Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival in 2006, which was followed by another festival in 2008, 2009 and now soon in 2010. also produced a stage production of Monteverdi's opera L'Orfeo in November 2007, celebrating the 400th year anniversary of this groundbreaking masterpiece. has recently taken the initiative to establish a Nordic Network for Early Opera. This network serves as a platform for research, communication and introduction of the earliest operas from app. 1600 to 1700. Upcoming events are meetings, seminars, workshops, masterclasses etc. - as well as productions.


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Björn Ross is a visual artist, singer, curator, producer and consultant in various fields within art and music. For a full overview of Björns activities, please go to: is on

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